Yi Zong
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Title : Danish Perspective for the Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Resources with Demand Response
Abstract :

The Danish government has the target that Denmark should use 100% renewable energy in the energy and transport sectors by 2050. By 2020 approximately 50% of electricity consumption will be supplied by wind power and more than 35% renewable energy will cover the final energy consumption.
When moving towards such a very high penetration of intermittent renewables (e.g. wind and solar power), the generation patterns are in general far from being equal to the demand. For this reason, supplemental production is required to keep the demand and supply in balance, resulting in an even more fluctuating generation pattern for the conventional power plants. Furthermore, the introduction of new, energy-efficient technologies, such as electrical vehicles and heat pumps can also result in even more fluctuating electricity consumption. Therefore, the additional operational flexibility is required to ensure the stability of the grid. The solution to these problems can be the introduction of smart grid technologies. One of the most powerful ways to use smart grids is to leverage it for demand response.

Biography :

Yi Zong was born in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, on August 21, 1971. She graduated in Control Engineering and Control Theory from Wuhan University of Science and Technology. She got PhD degree on System Engineering and Automation in 2006, at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.
Her employment experience included the Wuhan Institute of Technology, China. Since 2007 she had been employed as Post.doc and Scientist at the Program of Wind Energy System and Intelligent Energy System in Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Technical University of Denmark.( Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy merged with Technical University of Denmark in 2009.) She is currently a Senior Scientist at the Center for Electric Power and Energy, Department of Electrical Engineering, Risø Campus, Technical University of Denmark. Her special fields of interest include advanced and intelligent control for demand side units in households and industry supporting flexible power consumption for future energy systems.

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