M. A. K. Lodhi
Texas Tech University, USA
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One of the world wide major sources of renewable energy is the energy of the transport of water currents such as river currents, tidal currents and ocean currents. Hydropower generation has been historically accomplished by damping rivers. The technology for harnessing tidal currents has not yet been fully developed and put to use. The huge amount of kinetic energy of ocean currents remains hitherto untapped. There are good numbers of ocean currents which around in different parts of the ocean of the world offering a great potential for energy production. Not even a prototype power station has so far been constructed. The time has arrived to develop the engineering feasibility for producing energy by constructing prototype ocean based plants. We have performed feasibility study of harnessing ocean currents. Pros and cons of some concrete examples taken from Gulf Stream and Arabian Ocean currents will be discussed in particular and all around the world in general.

Biography :

M. A. K. Lodhi is a Professor of Physics, Texas Tech Univ. Lubbock, TX, USA and simultaneously Professor of Basic and Applied Sciences, University of Management and Technology Lahore, Pakistan. In addition to that he had about 50 Short term Assignments and Appointments at research institutions within USA and abroad. He has DIC (mathematical physics) Imperial College, London; Ph D (Nuclear physics) University of London; Attended several workshops and seminars for proficiency and the state-of-the-art in the areas of his specialty. He has and been teaching courses in mathematics, physics, astronomy, renewable energy at tertiary level, conducted and taught workshops on special interest topics. His research interest lies in nuclear and particle physics, space science, some in solid state and energy conversion, nuclear reactor designing etc., modeling space trapped radiation, space power generation, renewable sources of energy and devices, energy conversion cell like AMTEC.He is a member of Amer. Physical Society, and 15 other professional organizations. He received 115 intra? and extramural research grants. He has more than 250 papers and four books published, gave about 200 conference presentations, delivered more than 200 professional colloquia and visited more than 100 different Scientific Research Institutions. Organized and chaired many conferences and technical sessions. Listed in 35 Who'sWhos. Received many awards for outstanding research, e g, Al-Khwarzami Award, three times outstanding Research Award, 5 times one-year Faculty Development Leave, El Paso National Award at TTU, Tate and Hall Scholarship, Humboldt Fellowship, Fulbright Fellowship, several times UNO Expert Consultant under UNDP. Member of editorial boards of several professional journals.

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