Hongbin Sun
Tsinghua University, China
Title : Energy Management System Family for Smart Grids: Concept and Validation
Abstract :

It is no doubt that the Energy Management System (EMS) has taken a crucial role in the Electrical Power Control Center (EPCC) as a brain to manage and control the power grid in a secure and economical way. Conventionally, the EMS is centralized one with centralized information and centralized decision-making. However it is difficult for it to treat mass information and do much faster decision in the future smart grid environment. A new concept and distributed architecture of future EMS for smart girds, i.e. EMS family covering all sections of smart grids (e.g. generation, transmission, distribution, micro-grid and demand), are proposed. Several new members of EMS family are introduced, i.e. wind farm EMS, substation EMS and electric vehicle (EV) EMS for autonomous energy management of large-scale wind farm, smart substation and large-scale EV aggregator. Both commonness and individuality of these EMS family members are discussed. Interaction among EMS family members is introduced to do coordinated control in order to accumulating large-scale renewable energy as much as possible and to enhance entire gird security, which forms an EMS family network, for example, interaction between transmission and distribution grids, interaction between substation and control center, interaction between wind and EV. Such an EMS family concept is validated by its implementation and field-site application in Chinese power grids.

Biography :

Hongbin Sun received his double B.S. degrees from Tsinghua University in 1992, the Ph.D from Dept. of E.E., Tsinghua University in 1997. He is now Changjiang Scholar of Education Ministry of China, full professor of electrical engineering in Tsinghua Univ. and assistant director of State Key Laboratory of Power Systems in China. From 2007.9 to 2008.9, he was a visiting professor with School of EECS at the Washington State University in Pullman. He is IET Fellow and IEEE Senior Member. He is member of IEEE PES CAMS Cascading Failure Task Force and CIGRE C2.13 Task Force on Voltage/Var support in System Operations. In recent 15 years, he led a research group in Tsinghua University to develop a commercial energy management system, which has been applied to over 70 electrical power control centers in China. He also has developed a commercial system-wide automatic voltage control systems, which has been applied to PJM interconnection, the largest regional power grid in USA, and to more than 40 large-scale power grids in China. He published more than 300 academic papers and two books, which have been cited more than 4000 times by others. He held more than 50 patents in China. He won the China National Technology Innovation Award for his contribution on successful development and applications of New Generation of EMS for Power Systems in 2008, the National Distinguished Teacher Award in China for his contribution on power engineering education in 2009, and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China for his contribution on power system operation and control in 2010.


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